Meet the crew! At Solar Sam, our team members are like family. We are a small staff full of devoted, renewable energy loving people that love to do what they do best!

Ches Heitmeyer

Ches is the owner, operator, and CEO of the Solar Sam team. Ches oversees the entire business, and has a deep passion for renewable energy. Ches started Solar Sam because he believes in the clean energy movement. He loves the fact that solar energy gives people an option to either lease their power from the utility company or own it for themselves. His favorite thing about working at Solar Sam is the people. For him, the best moments are when he gets to see his customers happy and empowered with their new energy independence. When Ches is not busy changing the world, he loves to spend time with his wife and two kids. He also enjoys networking and staying involved in the community’s development.


Jeremiah is the operations manager for the Solar Sam team. He oversees each project from the time it’s sold to when the customer is ready for their system’s operation. Jeremiah’s favorite thing about working at Solar Sam is seeing the excitement on the customer’s face when they see their system start to produce for the first time. He says, “The excitement is contagious!”  When Jerimiah is not busy providing customers with their quality solar systems, you can find him planting trees and shrubs on his acreage. He gets a lot of satisfaction from self-sufficiency in any form!


Hannah is the marketing and content coordinator for Solar Sam. She oversees the marketing department, and she  is in charge of the company’s social media. Hannah’s favorite part about working at Solar Sam is the ability to support a business promoting a good cause. She is passionate about renewable energy, and she loves being able to reach and speak to new people who haven’t heard of its benefits yet. When Hannah is not busy spreading the word about solar energy, she is spending time with her husband and exploring the city.