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Lower your monthly energy bill by installing solar panels ​

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Missourians can save up to 70% on their monthly energy bill

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Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credits Before they Disappear

You could save up to 26% on the purchase of a new solar energy system through the end of 2022!

The ITC is a federal tax incentive for renewable energy, including solar. It came about via the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and has been extended a few times since its original expiry date.

The tax credit helps to make more eco-friendly, renewable energy sources more affordable for Americans. It essentially gives buyers a credit on their federal taxes when they purchase a new solar energy system for their home, land, or business.

There is no maximum limit on the ITC; you can spend as much as you want on your new solar panels and still take 26% of the cost off your taxes.

Minimize your Impact on the Environment

Conventional energy is produced mostly from oil, gas or coal, and by burning these fuels, the quality of the air is greatly affected and the environment deteriorates.

The sooner we adopt renewable technologies like solar, the faster we will make the energy transition that our planet so badly needs.

Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Protect your Pocket Against Rising Energy Costs

Solar offers a fixed-cost hedge against future energy cost increases. It makes your future energy costs more predictable, and cheaper.

Due to system lifetime and low maintenance costs, once the system is purchased, the cost of energy is fixed at a known quantity. This compares with conventional electric energy costs, which have been rising at around 5% per year and may be expected to rise even faster in the future.

Conventional energy prices depend on the market value of the resources used to generate that energy (oil, gas, coal), making the price more unstable.

Avoid Unexpected Power Outages

Always depending on an external power source is not the best idea.

With the increasing blackouts caused by storms, fires and heat waves, solar panels in conjunction with storage batteries, are an excellent alternative for your home or business.

Your solar panels produce energy during the day so you can store it and use it whenever you want. You can power essential appliances and the most important rooms in your property. 

Increase your Property Value

Yes, solar panels can increase your home’s value on the real estate market.

People consider the cost of monthly energy when buying a property, so they will be more willing to buy those properties that already have a solar system installed which reduces their energy bill.

Solar home’s selling price is typically 3.74% higher or more than comparable properties without solar. Also, a solar energy installation will help sell your home 20% faster than residences without solar panels. 

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