Going green with solar energy is a long-term investment.Solar Panels and Green Energy Saves You Money with Professionally Installed on Your Farm Solar Sam Missouri Illinois

We said it in our last blog post, and we’ll say it again…and again. Choosing a solar provider is a long-term commitment. It’s vital that you can trust the solar company you go with.

The solar installer you choose should be someone you:

  • respect
  • feel comfortable with
  • can build a long-term relationship with

There are five vital things to consider before contracting with a solar company. Make sure to ask your preferred solar installation professional the following important questions:

1. Can you provide references?

Even though a solar provider will likely only provide positive references, you still want to check them. They might give you good information that you didn’t think about!

Besides actually contacting the references they provide, you will also want to take the time to read online reviews (and not just the ones posted on their website which will also skew positive). Also, if they’re a local company, ask around about their reputation.

If you do happen to find a couple of less-than-stellar reviews online, take those with a grain of salt. People typically only write a review if their experience was exceptionally great or incredibly bad. If there’s more good than bad, that’s a positive sign.

Also, make sure your solar installer has experience in the industry and knows your local area. They should have all the proper licenses and certifications they are required to have (something that often goes unchecked).

2. Do you offer a free site assessment and/or quote?

Simple question, but it’s an important one. Most quality solar companies will offer you at least a free site assessment and perhaps even a free price quote.

For a free site assessment and quote from Solar Sam, contact us.

3. Will you walk me through the rebates and incentives available to me?Going Green Saves You Green Energy Savings with Solar Panels Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

With all the incredible solar rebates and solar incentives out there right now, you’ll definitely want to do your own research on which may apply to your situation.

However, it’s essential for your solar installer to understand the incentives as well. That way, they can walk you through them and help you build a system that will maximize your savings.

For more information, read How to Pay for Your New Solar Energy System.

4. What services do you provide after the sale?

Be sure to ask about their customer service before, during, and after the sale. Hire a professional solar installer who values your business and takes care of you even after they’ve made the deal. Key questions to ask:

  • Do they handle the licensing and permitting processes for you?
  • Do they provide maintenance?
  • Will they come out to service and clean your panels annually?
  • And, if you’re looking for a particular brand of panels, are they a certified installer for that brand? For instance, Solar Sam is a certified Enphase solar installer.

Prime example of excellent service after a sale: Solar Sam offers free* solar panel cleaning services for both residential and commercial solar projects! *Click the link for how to qualify.

5. Do you actually install your own jobs?

Residential Solar Panel Installation in Missouri, Illinois, and Beyond by Solar Sam Professional Solar Panel Installers for Energy Savings and Electricity Saving

Why is it important to make sure a solar company installs their own panels? Because there’s a new trend where big national companies hire smaller, local solar providers to install their jobs around the country. And somehow, they’re still able to profit…imagine the markup you’d be paying!

Also, you could end up with a solar provider who doesn’t know much about your project because they’re not actually doing the work. Read more about this trend in our latest blog post Why It’s SO Important to Know Your Solar Installer.

Solar Sam: Your Local Solar Installer

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