1. Why should I go Solar?

    This question’s answer is completely up to you and your needs. The majority of our Solar Sam customers make the switch in order to see major savings on their electric bill each month. In fact, many of our customers are actually unaware of just how much they could be saving when they first decide to make the switch. Not only does solar decrease their power bill, but it can also increase the value of their home. Although the savings are extremely beneficial, a lot of our other solar clients opt in for other things such as the environmental benefit, off-grid stability, and more. The reason why you choose to go solar will most likely be a combination of ethical, financial, and self-sufficiency needs. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting to go solar may be, make sure that you know what it is. Why you want to go solar will also influence some of the other questions on this list. When you know your end goal, your solar energy provider will also be better equipped to assist you with your energy needs.

  2. Is my house right for Solar?

    This question is important because it will ultimately qualify or disqualify you from putting solar panels on your home. There are several things to consider when assessing if a home is right for solar, but some of the main ones include:

    • The Amount of Sun Your Roof Receives
      This is typically done through what is called a shade analysis. During a shade analysis your solar energy provider will assess how much sunlight your roof receives and how many trees may be preventing it from accessing the amount that it needs. Knowing this information is important because it will ultimately determine if your panels will be able to produce enough for you to save or not. If your roof does not get enough sun, however, you’re not completely in the dark. Many solar energy providers, such as Solar Sam, are able to assist you with tree removal assistance or provide you with other options such as a ground mount solar solution.
    • The Space on Your Roof
      The space on your roof will relate to the given number of solar panels that your energy provider has suggested you need to see savings. If your home requires more space than what your energy assessment calls for, then you may need to look into ground mount solar solutions. If a ground mount is not an option, however, our team can work with you to get you the closest panel layout that will match your energy needs.
    • The Direction of Your Roof
      The direction of your roof can be a determining factor as well. Generally, southern facing roofs provide the best accessibility for solar panels to relieve the optimal amount of sunlight. Northern facing roofs, however, are not completely out of the picture. In order to find out if your roof is facing a good direction, you will need a solar energy provider to provide you with their expert opinion. At Solar Sam, we cover all of these bases to ensure your home is equipped for maximum efficiency.
    • The Electric Bill in Your Region
      Knowing the average electric bill in your region will also play a big part in whether or not you should switch to solar. For most, the higher the electric bill is in a given region, the more they will save on their switch to solar. Before you decide to make the switch, understand if it will be cost effective for you.
  3. How will I pay for my panels? cash/financing

    Knowing how you will pay for your solar array is crucial in determining whether or not you should get solar panels. At Solar Sam, we offer both cash and financing options. Although some prefer cash, many of our customers choose to finance their solar panels. Financing solar panels makes the upfront cost for the panels a lot easier, and it essentially replaces your electric bill with a new, lower, solar bill. Paying with cash is always a great option too if your financial situation supports it. Overall, purchasing solar is an investment that will require initial upfront cost. The typical payback you will see on a system is between 6-8 years, depending on efficiency. Either way that you choose to pay, and you are going to love the returns you see over time. Just make sure that you are financially prepared to invest in a solar system when you’re ready to make your decision.

  4. Which Types of Solar Panels Should I be Looking for?

    The answer to this question depends heavily on what your overall energy needs and preferences are. Choosing the best solar panels for you can feel like an overwhelming choice. That’s why a good solar energy provider should be able to help you make this choice a whole lot easier. If you’re currently in the process of deciding which solar panels are the best for you and your home, check out this blog post we wrote on How To Choose The Best Solar Panels for Your Home, Business, or Farm.

  5. How Do I Know Which Company I Can Trust?

    Trusting the solar energy company you choose to go with will be essential in your ultimate decision making. As we mentioned earlier, solar panels are an investment. Just like any other investment you would make; you want to know that who you’re investing in will bring you a return. It’s important to choose a solar energy company that you can trust. You want to choose a company that can meet all of your energy needs, and most importantly, you must choose a company that truly cares for you. At Solar Sam, we are incredibly invested in making sure that each of our customers get the best returns out of their solar panels. We work with you closely to make sure that your system meets your EXACT energy requirements, nothing less, nothing more. Looking to get an honest solar quote? Reach out to our team! We would be happy to assist you with any of your solar energy wants or needs.

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