So, you’re thinking about “going solar”…Behind-the-Meter Solar Installation in Missouri by Solar Sam Professional Solar Panel Installers for Energy Savings and Electricity Saving

You’ll be joining millions of other smart home and business owners who get big value by using one of Earth’s greatest renewable energy sources to power their lives!

But let’s be honest. There’s a lot of information out there about solar power and solar panels, and it can get overwhelming.

Solar Sam understands. We’re here to help make this process easy for you with the top 5 things you need to know before buying solar panels.

Solar Tip #1 — Do Your Homework

It may sound like no fun (we know), but it’s necessary—and worth it.

The good news? Doing your research is the first (and most important) step of this whole process, and you’re on your way. Check out sites like Solar Power Rocks for easy-to-understand solar info (for Missouri solar check out MOSEIA). Consider the following:

1. What do you want solar to do for you?

You know best what you’re looking for. Think about what you want to accomplish by purchasing a solar energy system. Pin down what is most important.

Is budget your main concern? Are you most keen on cutting your carbon footprint? Whatever your reasons, answering this question now will keep your goals front and center throughout the process.

2. What is your budget?

Whether your budget is the main factor here or not, budget is usually a big driver behind your final decision. Solar power will save you money in the long run (as much as $30,000 to $60,000+ over the life of system), and there are lots of solar rebates and solar incentives that can help you save on the purchase of your solar energy solution.

Check out Solar Estimate for an easy-to-use cost/savings calculator.

3. Is solar right for you?

Your property plays a big role in whether solar energy is the renewable energy source for you. Does your roof get enough sun? Is your roof structurally sound to handle the extra weight of solar panels?  (If you’re at all unsure about the structural integrity of your roof, check with a roofing expert first.)

Solar Tip #2 — Consider the Benefits of Going SolarHow Solar Works Panel Array Power Sun Electricity Photovoltaic Panels Ground Mount by Solar Sam in Missouri or Illinois

Sure, there’s an initial cost associated with solar power, but what are the benefits?

Access to Solar Incentives

In 2020, there’s a healthy 26% federal solar tax credit for purchased solar installs. After this year, it goes down to 22%—still an enticing benefit, though this tax credit may disappear after 2021 for residential systems. Your state, and even your city, may offer additional incentives.

For more info, check out our recent blog post on solar rebates and solar incentives.

Environmental Perks

Solar power is a quiet, pollution-free energy alternative. It’s clean, sustainable, and renewable. Using the sun’s mighty power to power your home or business significantly cuts down on harmful carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions.

Increased Home Resale Value

Another major benefit of choosing solar, aside from the savings you’ll see on your monthly energy bills, comes when it’s time to sell. Studies show that buyers are willing to pay higher prices for homes with solar, and those homes tend to sell faster.

Solar Tip #3 — Choose the Right Provider and Get a Free QuoteEnergy Tax Credits and Incentives Help You Save Money on Electricity and Utilities with Solar Panels Professionally installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

Doing your research takes some time and effort, but getting a quote is easy and free. Solar Sam’s process is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Request a free quote and provide the information needed. We’ll provide a quote and sample system design for your review.
  2. When you’re ready to move forward, an expert will come to your site for a site walk.
  3. From there, a pricing contract with your exact system details will be created to get you sailing toward savings.

No matter which solar provider you choose, ask for references and verify that they have a history of success. Check the Better Business Bureau and/or for ratings.

Going with a local provider ensures that you are supporting local economy and getting help from someone who knows your area well. Getting a quote is a risk-free way of making sure going solar is right for you.

Solar Tip #4 — Know What Comes Next

The next part of the process should be coordinated by your solar provider for the most part, but there are some things you should understand:

Local Permitting Requirements and Inspections

Getting all the proper permits and inspections can be challenging on your own, so it’s best to choose a solar provider who completes this part of the process for you. Your provider should have the local relationships in place to make this easy.

At Solar Sam, you get one-stop service. Decide to go solar with us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

System Install

Once you get through the permitting and necessary inspections, it’s time for the exciting part:  installing your solar energy system! Your solar provider will have technicians on site to install your panels, answer any questions you may have, and get your system ready to run.

Generally, depending on system size and complexity, installation only takes a few days.

Final Approval and Utility Connection

How Solar Sam Behind the Meter Solutions Create Electricity Saving and Save you Money on Utilities

The last step in the process is getting final approval from your local utility, which may involve:

  • Final local building and electrical inspections
  • Getting a new meter installed
  • Notification that you can use your new solar energy system!

Solar Tip #5 — Claim Your Savings!

There’s nothing left for you to do, except enjoy energy savings for years (even generations) to come. While laughing at how small your monthly energy bills are, you can also feel really good about doing your part to be kinder to the environment.

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