When we think about big mergers, we often think of mega-corporations in the tech industry, not green energy.Going Green with Solar Energy Powered By The Sun with Solar Panels Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

The solar energy industry is growing and expanding rapidly. Industry leaders are quickly finding solutions for many of the issues of the past. And mergers are just one way this expansion is happening.

Enphase has partnered with Momentum Solar to improve the solar battery storage space and solar energy conversion for homes that want to generate and rely on solar energy.

Issues with Battery Storage

There are a couple the roadblocks to the effective use of solar energy for residents across the country. One of them has typically been the safe and effective storage of the energy generated by solar panels. Solar batteries were traditionally limited in their capacity and required routine maintenance.

This meant that homes could only use them sparingly and had to make sure to keep them well maintained so that they would hold enough charge. This is part of what kept homeowners from sharing in the benefits of solar energy.

The other issue is safely transferring the stored power to the home to operate various appliances.

Many folks want to move away from traditional power sources and live a greener lifestyle. These issues have kept them from embracing solar technology.

What Will This Partnership Mean?

So, with these two solar energy companies coming together, you’re probably wondering what this will mean for the average person. Let’s take a look.

Who Is Enphase?Enphase Energy Solar Batteries provide Solar Energy Battery Backup Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri, Illinois, and Beyond

Enphase Solar is a global energy storage technology company that specializes in solar batteries and battery storage. Their technology has improved the way solar panels collect and store solar energy into their solar battery bank. Not only does this allow for more energy to be stored, but the patented Enphase storage technology is also safer and more efficient than any other.

You can read more about Enphase here.

Better Together:  Enphase and Momentum Solar

Enphase is no stranger to partnering together with other solar energy companies in an effort to advance solar energy towards a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits. Momentum Solar is a fast-growing residential solar contractor, meaning they specialize in installing solar energy systems for homes.

By partnering together, the two companies can bring solar energy to residential homes on a more reliable basis. One of the primary problems of solar energy has always been the safe and effective storage of the energy. Another issue was the transfer of that energy to the home for use when it’s needed.

Batteries for solar panels had previously been much less efficient and the transition from volatile DC to usable AC power can be dangerous. This made batteries for solar panels a difficult component of solar energy systems to use.

Improving Home Energy Use

Momentum Solar is a fast-growing leader when it comes to installing home solar systems in typical residences and smart homes. Momentum had previously been using Enphase solar panel systems, but the partnership is now offering energy storage solutions powered by Enphase to offer a complete solar energy solution.

The Enphase solar battery system integrates directly into existing home systems, which means there’s no delay when powering items like the air conditioner or heating system. The battery is also extremely long-lasting and maintenance-free so that homeowners don’t have to worry about worn-out solar batteries anymore.Enphase Solar Whole Home Backup Battery System Electricity Storage Power Grid Goes Down Off-grid Energy Solutions

The solar panel energy collection system, battery bank, and energy transfer system combine to make a full home solar integration system. This whole home system lets you power your home almost instantly.

The combination of Momentum Solar and Enphase brings regular homes closer to being able to rely almost completely on solar energy.

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