Generator Ready Solar Panel Power Green Electricity System by Solar Sam in Columbia Missouri and Illinois Professional Solar Panels Installer

If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that we need to be ready for anything.

We’re very fortunate in America, but even here, things don’t always go as planned. We’re lucky in the US to have a consistent power supply with a reliable power grid that gives us peace of mind. But just imagine for a moment how disruptive it could be if we didn’t…

The good news is that we’re in this together! This is something else that recent events have taught us. And Solar Sam is here to help your family be ready for anything by installing a generator-ready solar system and a solar generator. Let’s dive into the details of what they are, along with the pros and cons of solar-powered energy backup systems.

What Are Generator-ready Solar Systems?

Simply put, generator-ready solar systems are solar power systems that are properly equipped and ready to be connected to a generator, solar or otherwise. Your generator would then power your home or business if the power grid fails, providing electricity when you need it most. They also come in handy to supplement power when the sun isn’t cooperating to fulfill your needs or when demand exceeds your system’s capacity.

Then, to go even more “green”, connect your solar energy system to a solar-powered generator!

Top 3 Pros of Solar Generators

Solar generators are a great addition to your solar panel system. When the sun refuses to shine or the grid goes down, these handy machines give you peace of mind with a reliable backup power system.  Let’s look a little deeper into the reasons to go with a solar-powered generator.

1. Green Energy Backup, Off-Grid Solutions, and Storage

Even if your home runs on solar power while connected to the grid, when the grid goes down, so does your home. Without a generator and/or battery system, your solar system has no way to store excess energy. This means it can’t run without support from the grid. But by adding a solar generator and/or solar battery system, you’ve got solar energy storage that’s always ready to go!

Normal generators and solar batteries are ideal for energy backup when the power grid goes down for a short time. Batteries can even be “stacked”, meaning you can add multiple to get your desired storage capacity. However, it’s important to note that a much bigger, specially designed system would be required in order to go totally off-grid.

2. Low Lifetime Costs

While they cost a bit more up front, once your generator-ready solar system and generator are installed, the actual solar power is a free, natural, and renewable resource!

Fuel-powered generators, on the other hand, must be constantly refueled. Also, with few moving parts, solar generators are much cheaper to maintain over their lifespan than traditional generators.

3. Clean, Green, and Keep-the-neighbors-happy Quiet Operation

With a solar generator, your power stays on when the grid fails. And you’re still running on green energy! Traditional generators would also provide backup power, but they run on fossil fuels (like gas or diesel) which cause pollution and other negative environmental impacts. Keep it clean by going completely solar!

Plus, with few moving parts (or none in many cases), there isn’t anything to make noise with a solar-powered generator. This is opposed to fuel-powered, motor-driven generators that tend to be extremely loud. Your neighbors will thank you for going green.

Why Choose Solar Sam?

At Solar Sam, we’re proud to serve all of our agricultural, commercial, and residential customers. We work hard to treat them like family!

Our team wants the best for our Solar Sam fam, so we offer the latest in solar technology including generator-ready solar systems and solar generators. We also offer battery-ready solar systems if a generator won’t work for you for any reason. Whatever your solar needs are, we’re here to help power your life with energy run by the sun!