We recently shared a post about how to Score Big with Behind-the-Meter Solar Energy Savings. We talked in-depth about how behind-the-meter (BTM) solar energy solutions can help you save money and maximize your property value.

But what else can you do to prepare for a solar installation? And how can you maximize your electricity savings once you have a BTM solar solution in place?

In this post, we’re diving a bit deeper into these things and giving you info on the options we offer. Solar Sam takes pride in providing our Illinois and Missouri solar customers with clean energy and quality solar solutions.

The Basics: In Front of the Meter versus Behind the MeterBehind the Meter Solar Panels Offer Peak Demand Usage Reduction with Professional Solar Installers Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

First things first, what is considered in front of the meter, and what’s BTM?

In simple terms, anything energy related that happens on your property (the user’s side of the electric meter) is “behind the meter”, or BTM for short. Anything on the grid (or utility) side of the meter is referred to as being “in front of the meter”.

The Details: How to Maximize Electricity Savings on Your Side of the Meter

As consumers, we don’t have much control over what happens in front of our electric meters on the utility side. However, when it comes to behind-the-meter solutions, there are a wide variety. Some are easy things that you, the property owner, can tackle. Others are provided by solar professionals, like Solar Sam.

Things Property Owners Can Do to Save Energy

First, let’s talk about the things you can do on your own that are going to give you impressive electricity savings. These same things will also help with peak demand usage reduction. Whether you have a home, a business or commercial property, or farm, there are several ways to save energy and go green. This includes things like:

  • Sense and other home automation systems that track energy usage
  • Energy-efficient thermostats
  • LED lighting
  • Energy Star appliances

The more you invest in making your home or business more energy efficient, the more you’ll save! By installing one or more of these solutions, you’ll notice a significant difference in your monthly bills. You pay less money and do your part to be kind to Planet Earth!

Also, be sure to look for local, state, and federal utility energy efficiency incentives.

Solar Solutions for Even Bigger Energy SavingsBehind-the-Meter Solar Installation in Missouri by Solar Sam Professional Solar Panel Installers for Energy Savings and Electricity Saving

For even more impact, there are four big areas where solar providers like Solar Sam can help you with behind-the-meter energy savings:

Solar Sam: Quality Behind-the-Meter Solutions for Illinois and Missouri Solar

At Solar Sam, we offer top brands, the latest tech, and the highest quality solar panels for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. But that’s not all we can do! We are a fast growing, local provider of many top-rated behind-the-meter energy saving solutions like those listed above.

Once you’ve optimized your home with energy efficient appliances and LED lighting, give us a call. From a free consultation to hassle-free installation, our simple process helps you see electricity savings right away. Plus, we offer free annual solar panel cleanings and performance checks for the first three years that you own your Solar Sam energy system.

Check out our website for incredible monthly deals. Solar Sam is here to help power your life with energy run by the sun!