Get Green Energy with a Bifacial Solar Array Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and IllinoisWhen you want the best solar panels for carports or decks, bifacials are the way to go.

Bifacial solar panels are some of the hottest new solar technology available, and with good reason.

For starters, they can offer up to 50% more solar energy production than traditional solar panels! Interested? We thought you might be.

So, in this post, we’ll be discussing the differences between monofacial solar panels and bifacial solar panels as well as some of the best uses for and advantages of bifacial panels. If you’re looking for a quality solar solution in Missouri or Illinois, Solar Sam has you covered!

Now, let’s dive into the details and talk bifacials.

Bifacial Solar Panels versus Monofacial Solar Panels

Monofacial solar panels are essentially one-sided. They collect energy from the sun only using the front side of the panel. On the other hand, bifacials are capable of collecting the sun’s energy from both sides. This is the key difference between the two, but there are a few other advantages that bifacial panels have over monofacials. Let’s take a look at those benefits next.

Benefits of Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial Solar Panel Ground Mount with Professional Installation by Solar Sam, Serving Illinois and Missouri

Bifacial solar panels have solar cells on both sides, the front and back of the panel, that collect solar energy. This results in about 50% more energy production than your typical monofacial (one-sided) panels. Thus, they are some of the hottest solar technology out there right now, with the market quickly expanding and demand growing rapidly as well.

They may cost a bit more up front, but bifacial panels can save you big money in long run because of their significantly higher efficiency. Solar panels are an incredible investment, and bifacials will pay off massively over time.

These double-sided panels are well designed and often have a slimmer profile. They also have less framing taking up space than traditional monofacial solar panels. Plus, bifacial panels are great for providing partial shade, and they look great while doing it!

Top Uses for Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial solar panels don’t make sense for roof-top solar mounts, but they are perfect for spots where your solar array can collect sun from both sides of the panel. That’s why they’re top-selling solar panels for carports! As the sun bounces off the concrete or gravel floor of a carport, a bifacial array can capture that additional energy.

Best Solar Panels for Carport Bifacial Solar Panels versus Monofacial Solar Panels, all by Professional Solar Installers Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

Here are just a few of the other top uses for bifacial panels:

  • Porch, patio, and deck coverings
  • Pergolas
  • Ground-mounted solar arrays (both residential and commercial)
  • Breezeways and walkway coverings
  • “Decorative” panels on high-rise buildings

Bifacial solar panels are very versatile, so they can practically be used anywhere where the back of the panel is not obstructed or blocked. If there’s light hitting the panel on both sides, why not be turning that sunlight into free solar energy to power your home, farm, or business?

Solar Sam: Bifacial Solar Panels in Missouri and Illinois (& So Much More)

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