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When we think of something that’s “black and blue”, our minds often go to bruises…Ouch!

But today’s question is one of black or blue. And it’s completely pain free!

You may have noticed that some solar panels have a blue color, while others are black. But what’s the difference between the two, and which is better? When it comes to choosing a color, does it matter if you have an HOA? Many times, the answer is yes.

At Solar Sam, we offer both monocrystalline solar panels (the black ones) and polycrystalline solar panels (blue) for our Missouri and Illinois solar customers. We’re here to help you figure out which panels best fit your needs. Both have their pros and cons.

To make the choice as painless as possible, let’s take a closer look at these two great options.

Black Solar Panels vs Blue Solar Panels

Black Monocrystalline Solar Panels One Crystal Single Silicon Crystal Roof Mount Professional Installer Solar Sam Missouri IllinoisBoth black solar panels (monocrystalline) and blue solar panels (polycrystalline) have their advantages. They also have a few disadvantages. Let’s dive into each type and discuss their differences, pros, and cons.

Black Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Black solar panels are newer, which means they offer the latest in technology. When it comes to solar panel aesthetics, or how they look, many people feel that black panels just look better. Even many homeowners’ associations (HOAs) require black panels. They are sleek and modern and often blend right in with your roof or their surroundings.

Monocrystalline essentially means “one crystal”. In this case, it refers to the silicon and process used to make black solar panels. Since the silicon used for these panels is so pure, it creates one large silicon crystal. This also helps give monocrystalline panels their black hue because of the way light is reflected off the single silicon crystal.

Pros of Black Panels

  • Latest technology
  • Eye-pleasing black appearance
  • More efficient than blue panels (20+% efficiency)
  • More productive than blue panels in low light
  • Can be more space efficient than blue panels
  • Longer warranties are common, so may be more durable

Cons of Black Panels

  • More expensive
  • More resource intensive to build (meaning a bit less eco-friendly)
  • Black-on-black panels generate more heat, slightly reducing efficiency in hot climates

Blue Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Blue Polycrystalline Solar Panels Affordable Low Cost Efficient Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and IllinoisBlue solar panels, also known as polycrystalline solar panels, have been around for a while. In fact, they’re still much more widely used than black panels. Their shimmery blue color comes from the silicon used, the way it’s formed into a solar cell during manufacturing, and often, an anti-reflective coating that helps boost efficiency.

In layman’s terms, polycrystalline means (you guessed it!) “many crystals”. During the manufacturing process, the silicon used to make blue solar panels starts as many separate crystals. These crystals are simply placed into a mold in the desired shape of a solar cell, and voila! A blue-hued polycrystalline solar panel is born!

Pros of Blue Panels

  • More affordable to buy
  • Less waste created and energy used in manufacturing (more eco-friendly)
  • More widely used than black panels currently
  • May be better/more efficient in really hot, sunny climates

Cons of Blue Panels

  • A bit less efficient than black panels (15-17% efficiency)
  • May not be as aesthetically pleasing (unless you love blue, of course!)
  • May not meet newer HOA solar panel requirements—be sure to check!

Solar Sam: Your Partner for Missouri Solar and Illinois Solar

Whether you decide to go black or blue and install black solar panels or blue solar panels, Solar Sam has you covered. If you need help choosing, be sure to check your HOA solar panel requirements, then give our pros a call! We’re here to help you power up with the top brands, the latest tech, and the highest quality solar panels for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.

Solar Sam is a fast-growing, local provider for Missouri solar and Illinois solar with many top brands of monocrystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels. We can even get you set up with hot new technology like solar batteries and electric vehicle charging stations! Check out all the ways solar can help you save money here.

Visit out our website for incredible monthly deals and see just how affordable it can be to partner with Solar Sam. We’re here to help power your life with energy run by the sun (without hurting your wallet)!