Going solar” is one thing when you’re a consumer buying solar panels, but for Jeremiah Strode, it was a calculatedJeremiah Strode Solar Sam Operations and Project Manager career move. 

After 13 years working at the local electric cooperative, Jeremiah had hit a wall. He wanted more, to keep moving forward into a future powered by sustainable energy. The only obvious choice? Renewables. 

Among friends, Jeremiah had always joked about moving into the world of green energy. He’d prophetically say things like, “If I ever leave the electric coop, I think I’d be happy doing something in the solar industry.” So, when it was time to move on professionally, he already had a good idea where he wanted to go.

Jeremiah was going solar

Out With the Old…

Part of his interest in renewable energy came from heading up the net metering program at the electric coop. For years, he had worked closely with solar professionals, helping to bring efficient, green energy to his rural area. He saw firsthand the difference solar panels made in his neighbors’ monthly energy bills, as well as the benefits to the environment. It made so much sense, even from the utility perspective, and Jeremiah knew that the solar industry was only going to grow.

He still believes that now, more than ever. Having been in his role as Operations & Project Manager for Solar Sam for nearly a year, Jeremiah is convinced that the only way is up — for his career and for solar energy. 

…And In With the New

As a matter of fact, he predicts that, eventually, large utilities will completely integrate with renewables or get into green energy in some fashion themselves (by leasing or selling energy systems, participating in solar farms, or building community solar projects).

Utility companies may even be reduced to what is essentially an “insurance policy” when it comes to residential power — relied upon only as a backup energy source in emergencies when individual home solar systems go down. Jeremiah can even envision utilities and coops being funded by flat monthly fees, much like a home insurance policy. This will be possible, in part, because most homes of the future will produce enough solar energy and have the battery storage to power themselves.

The visionary admits that utility companies will have their place providing power for large facilities, like urban manufacturers who don’t have the space for an adequate solar energy system to power the entire property. Or at least they will until solar panel and battery storage becomes more efficient and smaller in scale than it is today…

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