You know how some things are “need to know”? This is one (okay, three) of those things.The Federal Solar Tax Credit Offers a 26% Deduction in 2020, But That Steps Down Next Year! Contact Solar Sam Today to Get Your Maximum Deduction!

Especially if you’re thinking about buying solar panels anytime soon—like within the next few years. Buying now could save you a lot of money.

Why? Because of the federal solar tax credit that is currently in place. If you purchase your panels and begin installation sooner than later, you may get to apply this tax credit. This could help you save up to 26% off your solar purchase!

It’s an amazing deal. Let’s take a closer look at this incredible solar incentive and the three major points you need to know about it.

1. What Is the Federal Solar Tax Credit?

The federal solar tax credit, or the investment tax credit (ITC), is a federally backed tax incentive for solar energy. It was established through the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Though it was originally set to expire in 2007, its popularity helped push an extension.

The expiry date has been extended several more times since then. Now in 2020, the ITC is still going strong, helping to propel the US toward more eco-friendly, renewable, solar energy.

Federal Solar Tax Credit Allows 26% Deduction from 2020 Taxes Contact Solar Sam for Professional Solar Panel Installation

A fantastic savings opportunity for US buyers, the ITC currently allows you to take 26% of the cost of your solar energy system off your federal taxes.

It’s important to note that the percentage will drop (or step down) after this year (2020). More on this in a bit.

2. How Does It Work?

Essentially, when you purchase a solar energy system (solar panels) for your home or business, you can deduct 26% of the cost of your new system off this year’s federal taxes. Installation must begin prior to December 31, 2020, to get the full 26% rebate this year. Read on for more about the step-down of this deduction.

There is no maximum limit on the ITC; you can spend as much as you want on your new solar panels and still take 26% of the cost off your taxes. Also, the ITC can be used with either residential or commercial solar systems. You can get this tax credit every year that you own your solar system.

NOTE: You must own your system in order to qualify for the solar tax credit. Leased systems are not eligible.

3. What Does the “Step-Down” Mean for Me?Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit ITC Drops 6 Percent from 26 in 2020 to 22 in 2021. Contact Solar Sam in Missouri Illinois and Beyond

The solar investment tax credit is available for residential systems through 2021, though the percentage began stepping down in 2020. Initially, the ITC allowed 30% of the cost of your solar system to be deducted from your taxes.

At the beginning of 2020, that stepped down to 26%. It will decrease by another 4% in 2021 to 22%. The federal solar tax credit is set to expire at the end of 2021 for residential buyers.

Commercial systems will still be able to 10% back in 2022 and beyond.

Ultimately, this means that you may want to purchase your new solar energy system sooner than later to save the most money. Especially if you’re a residential customer! This amazing tax credit is set to disappear for residential systems after 2021.

For more on available credits and incentives, check out this recent post about solar rebates and solar incentives.

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