If you3 Years of Free Solar Panel Cleaning from Solar Sam Professional Installers in Missouri and Illinois have recently purchased solar panels from Solar Sam, we have some great news for you…

Your first 3 years of solar panel cleanings are free*!

If you haven’t purchased a solar energy system yet, there are a couple of great reasons to look into it right now. First, the incentives and solar rebates have never been better. Plus, as part of the Solar Sam fam, you could get free* solar panel cleanings too!

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing offer from your favorite fast-growing local solar provider and solar installer based in Columbia, Missouri.

Do Solar Panels Really Need to Be Cleaned?

Solar panels are mostly self-cleaning, with a little help from Mama Nature. Winter snow and rain help to wash away most of the yuck that lands on solar arrays. However, dust and such settles on the panels and accumulates over time, putting a layer of grime between the sun and your solar panels.

This can significantly reduce their efficiency—which is clearly counterproductive when it comes to eco-friendly green energy! Thus, they need to be cleaned annually.

What Is Solar Panel Cleaning, Exactly?Free Solar Panel Cleaning with Professional Installation by Solar Sam near Columbia, Missouri

Solar panel cleaning is exactly what it sounds like. It’s literally taking water, cleaner, and a brush to your panels to get them spotless.

The process goes something like this: Power to the panels is turned off, and the panels are cleared of any loose debris and dirt. Then they’re cleaned thoroughly with non-abrasive cleaning agents and special tools made specifically for the job. When they’re squeaky clean, power is restored, and you’re back in business.

A Few Things to Know About Solar Panel Cleaning

Since we’re talking about it, here a few things you need to know when it comes to solar panel cleaning:

  • First things first, never try to clear snow off your solar panels! Snow melts off on its own and actually helps to clean your panels between professional cleanings.
  • Brooms, shovels, and other tools you might use to clear snow or clean can easily damage delicate, techy solar panels.
  • Even when dirty or snow-covered, your panels are still collecting and converting solar power.
  • It’s also a good idea to get your panels checked once a year to optimize performance.
  • You should NEVER try to clean your own solar panels. It may seem like an easy enough task, but it’s actually very dangerous…so why not take one thing off your to-do list and leave solar panel cleaning to the pros!

How Do I Get A Free Solar Panel Cleaning from Solar Sam?Solar Panel Cleaning in Missouri and Illinois by Solar Sam Professional Clean Panels Installation for Residential Commercial and Agricultural

Easy! Just purchase a system from us, and we will clean your panels once a year at no additional cost to you*.

Now, keep in mind, this amazing offer does have a few restrictions.

  • This offer is only good for the first three years that you own your Solar Sam system.
  • Your solar panels must have been purchased from Solar Sam.
  • Your solar panels must be located within one hour of Columbia, Missouri, to qualify for free cleanings.

Ready to get us scheduled? Great! Getting your free cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Call us in advance at 833-RU-SOLAR (833-787-6527) or email us.
  2. We’ll work with you to schedule a solar panel cleaning service at a convenient time.
  3. We’ll come clean your panels while you take a well-deserved break.

Easy peasy. Even if you’ve been a Solar Sam customer for longer than three years or you live outside the “free zone”, we’ll come out and clean your panels for a reasonable price. Just give us a shout!

If you’re still deciding if solar is right for you, check out the 5 Things You Need to Know About Buying Solar Panels.

Life’s Just Greener When You’re Part of the Solar Sam Fam

When you buy a solar power system, solar panels, or solar products from us, you become a valued member of the Solar Sam family. And we take care of our family around here!

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Check out our website for incredible deals and let us help power your life with green energy run by the sun!

*Get 3 years of free annual solar panel cleanings (1 cleaning per year, within 1 hour of Columbia, Missouri) when you purchase your solar panels from Solar Sam!