Chances are, if you live in Illinois and are thinking about solar energy, you’ve heard about Illinois Shines.Illinois Shines Program Going Green Energy Powered By The Sun with Solar Panels Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

But what exactly is the Illinois Shines program? Ultimately, you may be wondering how the program works, and how it can work for you.

Solar Sam is here for you with answers to the most common questions we get about Illinois solar and the Illinois Shines (or Adjustable Block) program. Let’s first take a look at the basics of the program, and then we’ll dive into the details of how it works for solar in Illinois.

The Basics: The Illinois Shines Program Overview

Illinois Shines is essentially a brand name that refers to a program called the Adjustable Block program.

The Adjustable Block program is run by the state of Illinois. It provides incentives aimed at generating new solutions for solar energy in the Land of Lincoln. To be more user friendly, the program has been branded as “Illinois Shines”.

So, what does this program mean for property owners? Whether you own a home, a business, or land in Illinois, you can participate in the program in a couple of different ways (you’ll have to choose one of the following options). You can:

  1. Get Solar Panels on Your Personal Property. Have a new photovoltaic solar panel array or system installed on your roof or property. This will help to directly offset your personal energy usage.
  2. Participate in a Community Solar Project. Where possible, you can also subscribe to participate in a community solar project in your area. These are typically large solar systems that cover an entire neighborhood (or something similar). Your subscription allows you and your home or business to share in the solar energy output that is generated by the centralized system. This helps to directly offset your personal energy usage within a larger area, though you don’t have to take responsibility for the system itself.

The Details: How Illinois Shines Works for Solar in IllinoisSolar in Illinois Quality Solar Panels with Professional Installation by Solar Sam, Serving Illinois and Missouri

There’s no denying that renewable energy sources are a good idea. Illinois has big renewable energy goals, and you can help the state hit those goals!

Illinois Shines was built in support of these sustainability goals and to encourage property owners to participate in solar energy and other green energy initiatives.

The Illinois Shines program works like this:

  1. Illinois Shines provides payments to a local utility in exchange for 15 years’ worth of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).
  2. That utility company then buys those RECs back from your approved Illinois Shines solar vendor.
  3. These payments to your vendor help offset the cost of your new solar panels or your subscriptions to a community solar project, whichever applies in your situation.

Important Notes about Illinois Shines

There are a few important things to note about how the Illinois Shines program works:

  • To be eligible, you must own property in Illinois, and the participating solar project must also be located in Illinois.
  • You must work with an approved Illinois Shines vendor. More on what that means in a bit.
  • Your solar panels or participation in a community solar project won’t be free through the Illinois Shines program. However, the cost will be substantially more affordable than it would be without the program’s support!

In case you’re wondering, read our recent blog post on how going solar saves you money. Between the benefits listed there and those offered through the Illinois Shines program, it’s high time to take a serious look at solar energy in Illinois!

There may even be other solar rebates and solar incentives available to help you save money on your solar panels!

What Are “Approved Vendors”?Green Energy Saves You Money with Professionally Installed by Solar Sam Missouri Illinois

Approved vendors for the Illinois Shines program go through a rigorous application and approval process. Not just any Illinois solar provider can become an approved Illinois Shines vendor!

The applications to become an approved vendor are reviewed and approved (or denied) by the program administration. In order to become an approved vendor, solar providers must provide in-depth company information, understand the legal obligations they have, and agree to participate in training programs.

This process helps to protect you, the property owner, by making sure you are working with a quality Illinois solar provider.

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**Note: Solar Sam is in the process of applying to become an approved Illinois Shines vendor! In the meantime, we’re still your Illinois solar provider with awesome deals on solar solutions!**