JinkoSolar Monofacial Solar Panels bifacial lightweight solar panels double electrical power Missouri Illinois Solar SamWe can all agree that technology is pretty amazing, right?

Even things like solar panels benefit massively from new technology advancements and innovation.

Prime example? The latest JinkoSolar Tiger solar panels…these incredible lightweight solar panels produce nearly double the electrical power that normal panels do—up to 500 watts!

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the new Tiger monofacial solar panels and the Tiger bifacial solar panels and how they can benefit you, our Solar Sam customers in Missouri and Illinois.

What Makes JinkoSolar Tiger Solar Panels So Hot?

These panels are incredibly advanced, and we are so proud to offer them to our customers looking for a great value on solar panels in Missouri and Illinois. Let’s take a closer look.


We’re not going to lie; we have a bit of a solar crush on the JinkoSolar Tiger monofacial solar panels and Tiger bifacial solar panels. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • JinkoSolar Tiger Monofacial BiFacial 15 Year Product Warranty 30 Year Linear Power Solar Panels Double the Electricity Missouri Illinois Solar SamExtraordinary Power – 280 watts is fairly standard energy production for normal solar arrays, so the JinkoSolar solar panels in the Tiger Series producing nearly 500 watts is seriously impressive! This also means you won’t need to purchase as many panels to serve your energy needs.
  • Unbelievable Warranty – The Tiger monofacial solar panels are 25-year warranty solar panels, and the Tiger bifacial solar panels pack even more punch as double-sided 30-year warranty solar panels. These are industry-leading warranties, friends!
  • Incredible Efficiency – The Tiger monofacial solar panels are 475-watt solar panels that offer nearly unmatched efficiency at over 21%. The Tiger bifacial solar panels are 470-watt solar panels (front only) that are almost as chart-topping with over 20% efficiency. That’s absolutely stellar performance, earning them a spot in the top 3 most-efficient solar panels on the market!
  • Innovative Design – The Tiger Series panels are engineered with space-saving and efficiency in mind:
    • The innovative half-cell design results in better shade-tolerance.
    • Smaller gaps between the solar panel cells also significantly increases efficiency.
    • Believe it or not, the bifacials are truly lightweight solar panels, coming in at about the same overall weight as the monofacial panels!
  • Top-tier Brand – JinkoSolar is one of the very best brands for solar panels. They have consistently proven the value of their products with unbeatable quality, efficiency, and power. And they have so much faith in their work that they back their products with unbeatable warranties.


There’s really only one thing we can think to list as a “con” for these incredible Tiger solar panels. They are a bit more expensive than your typical panels…but then again, they’re so much more powerful and innovative!

You can buy fewer panels overall for the same power production. So, maybe it all evens out?

The JinkoSolar Company

JinkoSolar Tiger Solar Panels TR Technology Half Cell 9BB 5BB Low Light Lifetime Power Yield Best Warranty Missouri Illinois Solar SamSince their inception in 2006, JinkoSolar has grown extremely fast. They have quickly expanded from a simple wafer supplier to a full-blown and consistently top-rated solar panel provider. The company excels at efficiency, and the proof is in their impressive Tiger solar panel series.

If you’re looking for the best 25-year warranty solar panels, or even 30-year warranty solar panels, definitely check out JinkoSolar. Here’s looking at you, Kid!

Solar Sam Has the Best New Technology for Missouri Solar and Illinois Solar

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