Solar Photovoltaic Array Solar Panels and PERC Solar Cell Technology Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and IllinoisYou may have heard of PERC solar panels, but what are they exactly? And what are the main advantages of PERC?

PERC solar cells are some of the hottest new solar technology available on the market today! There are a few key reasons for this, which we’ll dive into right here.

In this post, we’ll also be talking about what PERC cells are, the biggest benefits of PERC solar cell technology, and why it’s all the rage. If you’re looking for PERC technology in Missouri or Illinois, Solar Sam has you covered with the latest options and so much more.

Let’s talk about the perks of PERC!

What Are PERC Solar Panels?

Installing a Solar Panel Array of Panels in Blue Springs MO by Solar Sam Professional Residential Commercial and Agricultural Installer in Missouri and Illinois

PERC stands for one of two phrases that essentially mean the same thing: “Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell” or “Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact”. Both refer to solar cells that are slightly different from typical solar panels.

While solar manufacturers used to focus on the front side of solar panels (where the action obviously takes place), exciting things happen when they expand their focus. By looking at the solar panel as a whole, efficiency can be dramatically increased.

More attention is paid to the back side of PERC solar cells. A couple of simple tweaks are made inside the panels (mostly at the back side), and presto! More efficient PERC solar panels are able to:

  • Significantly improve light absorption
  • Reduce electron recombination
  • Boost reflectivity inside the panel

This leads to three incredible ways that PERC solar cell technology benefits you, the customer!

3 Key Advantages of PERC Technology

PERC solar panels are built to be more efficient than traditional monocrystalline solar panels, but that’s not all they offer.  Because of the benefits, PERC technology is some of the hottest new solar tech out there right now.

Intrigued? Us too!

We love PERC, and here are the top three reasons why:

1. Lower Heat Absorption

The higher the heat level inside a solar panel, the less efficiently they run. They can only absorb up to a certain wavelength of light (1180 nanometers). Anything higher goes through the panel and is absorbed into the backing. This heats up the solar panel and causes it to run inefficiently.

However, panels with PERC solar cell technology are designed to reflect higher wavelengths of light. Higher wavelengths (above 1180 nanometers) are reflected instead of getting caught inside. This reduces the heat inside the panel, resulting in higher efficiency and better performance.

2. Incredible Efficiency

At efficiency rates of about 24%, PERC solar cells blow normal solar panels out of the water. The top-performing regular panels are only around 22% efficient.

That extra 2% may not seem like much, but in the long run, it adds up and can make a big impact.

3. Great for “Undesirable” Places

Solar Energy for Hot Climates - PERC Solar Panels by Professional Installers Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

Many solar panels aren’t built to work well in certain more extreme environments. PERC solar cells, on the other hand, can be viable where others are not. Due to their lower heat absorption, they excel even in hot climates. And, because of their increased light absorption, they are more efficient in low lighting as well.

So, even if you’ve been told that solar may not work for you because of these reasons, you’ll want to take another look…and we recommend that you look right at PERC solar panels!

Solar Sam: Your Professional Installer for PERC Technology in Missouri and Illinois

If you’re ready to buy a solar energy system, why not invest in panels that will power your home, farm, or business more efficiently?

Solar Sam has all the top brands and latest technology, including PERC solar panels and even bifacial solar panels. We’re a fast-growing, local provider for PERC technology in Missouri and PERC technology in Illinois. We offer the highest quality solar arrays (of all types) for all your residential, commercial, and agricultural needs.

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