Let’s face it, none of us likes when the power goes out.Power ON Get Solar Panels and Solar Battery Backup Systems Professionally Installed Solar Sam Anywhere In the Continental US

It could be a storm knocking out power, damage to a transformer or other grid structure, or system overload. Whatever the reason, losing power can have devasting consequences. Those who rely on power for medical equipment are especially vulnerable.

For people in those situations (or heck, even for the food in our refridgerators), solar energy can be a life saver. As a matter of fact, having off-grid solar as a backup is one of the best ways to keep things running until the grid is back up.

How Battery Storage Saves You When the Grid Goes Down

With weather growing more and more severe each year and natural disasters on the rise, our power grid is at higher risk. Severe storms and other weather are causing more frequent and prolonged outages. It’s important to have an energy solution available when the grid can no longer handle the strain or gets knocked out.

The one way to ensure you always have power when the grid goes down is with solar battery storage for your solar energy system.

It’s not enough to have solar panels alone. Without solar battery backup, you’re still relying on the grid to power your home, farm, or business.

Businesses are investing in solar batteries to reduce their energy usage and their carbon footprint as a whole. Solar energy be used to offset normal everyday energy usage and reduce the strain on our power grid. Not only that, but new advancements in battery technology also allow businesses and individuals to store large amounts of power for prolonged grid outages.

Solar energy is one of the most dependable (and now, affordable) sources of renewable energy on the planet. It’s quickly becoming the go-to energy source for people that want to reduce or eliminate their traditional energy usage.

As the grid ages and severe weather becomes more frequent, the reliance on traditional energy will continue to diminish. This means that off-grid solar coupled with solar battery storage becomes one of the most promising means of getting away from the grid entirely.

Uses For Solar When the Grid Goes DownSolar Panels with Battery Backup Can Keep Your Home Going When The Grid Goes Down Get Professional Installtion with Solar Sam

Sometimes people ask the question “what can I do with solar when the power goes out?” With ever advancing solar battery storage, you can do more than just keep a light on in your home.

Keeping the refrigerator or AC running during the heat of summer is now entirely possible with solar energy. The same is true for the heat in the dead of winter and keeping necessary appliances and devices on when the power grid goes out and stays out.

As for businesses, they’re able to stay up and running by installing larger battery systems in conjunction with their existing solar system. Being able to keep critical systems up and running even when the grid goes down means businesses can continue to do what it is they do to provide services around the country and around the world. Many are seeing the value of the investment in solar batteries as a way to ensure that that business never stops.

We can’t discount the value of solar energy and battery storage when it comes to keeping vital medical equipment running. For homeowners with sick children or elderly parents who rely on medical equipment to survive, having solar energy can literally save lives.

When keeping the lights on is about more than just being comfortable, solar energy is the way to go.

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Looking to protect your family or business when the grid goes down? Installing a solar energy system with solar batteries is the right choice. You’ll have the power you need when you need it. Never fear the grid or mother nature again–let Solar Sam help you stay safe even when the lights go out.

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