Generac PWR Battery Power Cell Inverter Certified Installer Solar Power Battery Cells Solar Sam Missouri Kansas Illinois Iowa Green Energy Sun Electricity Residential Homes HousesElectric utility rates are higher than ever, and they will only continue to rise. In the last 10 years alone, rates have increased 14%1. At Solar Sam, we understand that you have many more important things to pay for than your costly electric bill. Paying more for electricity only prevents you from investing in the things that matter the most to you, such as:

  • Dream Vacation
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Financial Freedom
  • Child’s/Grandchild’s College Fund
  • Retirement Savings

On top of rising rates, the electrical power grid continues to age. An aging grid makes it less reliable and more susceptible to power outages. Power outages can be dangerous and last for a substantial amount of time. They can leave you without lights, refrigeration, Internet access, and in some areas– water.Today, it’s more important than ever to have innovative solutions on hand that back your home and prepare you and your family for the unexpected. That’s why we love products such as the Generac PWR cell. The Generac PWR cell system is an all in one solar battery system that protects your home from power outages, rising electric rates, and keeps you at a peace of mind.

What Is PWR?

PWR is Generac’s solar powered line. The products run only on clean, green energy, and they are designed for sustainability. The PWR system works as a battery powered generator, and keeps your home running when the aging grid fails. The standard Generac PWRcell system provides 9kWh of storage capacity and includes:

  • 1 Inverter
  • 1 Battery Storage Cabinet
  • 3 Lithium Ion Battery Modules

On top of that, the PWR cell also has a tracking app. Using the PWRview app, you can easily access your home’s energy information from your smartphone, tablet or computer. With PWRview, your energy information is right at your fingertips. You can:

  • See real-time energy usage at a glance
  • Better understand your home’s energy profile
  • Access daily energy intelligence & insights including daily consumption, solar generation and battery usage, as well as bill estimates and savings
  • Eliminate surprises with detailed bill tracking, forecast and historym Ion Battery Modules

How Does PWRcell Work?

The PWRcell pairs with solar panels from most manufacturers. During the day, your home will run on your solar system and charge the battery while selling the extra power back to the grid. At night, your home will be powered by the battery and can be recharged with the PWRgenerator. During a power outage you will be able to run your home on the battery, recharge it with solar, and top off the battery power with the PWRgenerator if needed. At Solar Sam, we take a look at your energy needs first to determine the right panels for your home. After we determine your panel setup, we then prepare a plan for your PWR cell.

PWRcell’s flexible design allows for indoor and outdoor installations. Best of all, each component from the batteries to the inverter, down to the rapid shutdown device and solar array performance optimizers, are designed by Generac to work seamlessly together, making PWRcell easier and faster to install.

Whether you are looking to save money, protect yourself from rolling blackouts, or get off the grid completely, the Generac PWR cell is an optimal solution. Interested in learning more about the brand or have any questions on which solar panels are right for your energy needs? Give our team at Solar Sam a call! We are certified Generac PWR partners with the proper skills and experience necessary to get your energy needs and wants met!

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