Not that many years ago, the thought of “charging” our cars would have made us laugh. It would have sounded like something from the Jetsons!

But now? Oh, it’s a thing.

Turns out, it’s a big thing.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are one of the hottest trends in the automotive market right now. With good reason, too. The models that have made it to showroom floors are proving to be pretty popular with buyers. Think: Tesla and Chevy’s Bolt EV.

Not only are they an exciting, new technology, but electric vehicles are way more efficient and much better for the environment than our traditional fuel-powered vehicles. But, if you’re like we were not that long ago, you may still be skeptical and wondering about the day-to-day details and practicality.

Sure, owning an electric car sounds cool, but is it really practical? Is it hard to charge an EV? Are there any charging stations near you? Do you have to live in the city for EV ownership to make sense? And is it too much of a hassle to own an EV now, before the technology becomes the norm and charging is offered everywhere?

Solar Sam has you covered. First, we’ve put together this post to share a few of the details of owning and charging an EV.

Then, we’ve got the know-how to install all the tools you need —like residential electric vehicle charging stations and solar battery packs—to make EV ownership a real possibility, no matter where you live in our service area. EV’s aren’t just for city-dwellers anymore!

What and Where are EV Charging Stations?

Residential Electric Vehicle EV Charging Stations Charge Car or Turck at Home with Solar Panel Energy by Solar Sam Missouri Illinois

EV charging stations or ports are where you can plug your car in to re-charge its electric battery.

And it’s true. Public EV charging stations are still found mostly in urban areas like Kansas City and St. Louis. Though they are standard and should work for any EV model (Teslas will require an adapter), the limited number of charging stations available may mean they’re busy when you need one. And even if they’re always available, their location may not be ideal in relation to where you live.

If you find that using public charging ports is too much of a hassle or if you don’t live near one, don’t fret. There are several other options for keeping your electric vehicle charged and ready to roll.

First, check with your workplace. Do they offer EV charging stations? Many larger companies are starting to, and many more would if they knew there was a demand for them. If you can’t rely on charging away from home, then a residential electric vehicle charging station may be for you.

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Charge Your Car at Home

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Solar Battery Packs by Solar Sam Professional Solar Panel Installer in Missouri and IllinoisThese are just what they sound like—charging stations for your electric vehicle that you can use right at home. You can plug in and charge your car overnight like many of us charge our phones. Sweet!

You can install residential charging stations anywhere you need them. At home in your garage, at your farm, or even at work if your company will allow it.

Home EV charging stations come in a variety of price ranges and can be solar powered or not. Even if it doesn’t run on solar, Solar Sam’s trained professionals can install any type of EV station for you. Talk about easy! We can also integrate a solar EV port when we install your solar energy system, just ask us.

Charging your EV at home is so convenient, it’s how the vast majority of EV owners “re-fuel”. It also makes owning an electric car possible right now, no matter where you live!

Being (and Saving) Green Is Easy When You’re in the Solar Sam Fam

When you buy a solar power system from us, you’re part of the Solar Sam family. We take pride in taking excellent care of our family!

That’s why we make it easy to go green and save some green. From free annual solar panel cleanings and system checks to lots of behind-the-meter ways to save (more info on what “behind-the-meter” is and savings tips coming soon in future posts), we are here to help power your life with energy run by the sun!