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No doubt, 2020 has been a ride so far.

Solar Sam is right there with you! We know times are tough for many, just as many of us are enjoying a little extra time at home with family.

We also know that, with so much going on in the world around us, it’s time to get back to basics.

Home, family, and the Earth mean more to us now than ever. So, let’s talk about solar power as an ideal investment for your family’s (and our planet’s) future. In this post, we’ll cover the basics like solar 101.

Maybe you’re considering tapping into the sun’s energy to power your home, farm, or business but aren’t sure how it all works? Read on as we discuss details like what solar energy is and explain how solar works with an 8-step process that’s super easy to understand. Then you can decide if solar is right for you!

The Solar 101 Basics: What is Solar Energy?

Clean Green Power from the Sun Solar Electricity Free Sustainable Source of Energy Farm Home Business Solar Panel Installer Solar Sam Missouri IllinoisSo, we all know that the sun’s rays can be harnessed and used as electrical power, but what is solar energy really, and how does it work? Let’s take a look.

Clean, Green Power

Energy is constantly pouring off the sun, and you don’t need to burn environmentally harmful fossil fuels to tap into it.

Unlike traditional electricity generation that produces some less than positive environmental impacts, solar power harnesses the sun’s rays and turns that energy into clean, green electricity to power your home, farm, or business.

Solar energy is essentially a free source of electricity that is far less harmful to our planet!

How Solar Works: 8 Steps to Harnessing Solar Energy

Producing solar power is an interesting scientific process. So, let’s keep it simple! There are eight basic steps that must happen in order to convert sunshine into electricity:

  1. The sun shines. It’s important to note that sunlight contains tiny particles of energy called photons. More on those shortly.
  2. Solar panels collect the sunlight. When the sun’s rays hit a solar panel, material inside the panel—usually silicon—absorbs the photons from the sunlight.
  3. An electrical current is generated. The photons “excite” what are called electrons inside a solar panel’s silicon atoms until the electrons begin to dart around and break away, forming an electrical current. Ooh! Science!
  4. The electrical current moves through the solar panel via wiring. Copper wiring inside the panel serves as a highway for the current, directing it where we want it to go.
  5. The electrical current is converted to usable electricity. The direct current (DC) travels out of the panel through a control device called an inverter, which changes it to the alternating current (AC) used for electricity.
  6. Power is directed to your property. The electricity then passes from the breaker boxes to the outlets throughout your property.
  7. Voila! You have power! Plug into your outlets, and electrical items such as computers and lights can run on this pollution-free solar energy.
  8. You might even get money back! Whatever electricity isn’t used at your property can go back into the electrical grid so it can be used by someone else. This often results in what is called net metering, or credits to your bill!

Now that you know how it works, you can likely see the many benefits of going solar. With opportunities to save both money and our planet, solar power is an incredible investment for your future. Talk about leaving a legacy!

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When Times are Tough, The Tough Call Solar Sam

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