Spring is on its way, and you better believe we’re excited.Spring Solar Panel Cleaning is Safe, Easy, and Can Even Be Free with Professional Installation By Solar Sam

Winter has been really tough all over the country, but we’re hopeful that the worst is over. This is one of Solar Sam’s favorite times of the year, as spring brings spring cleaning. Sam loves a fresh start!

Could your solar panels use a good scrub down? Solar panel cleaning is safe, easy, and could even be FREE with Solar Sam! Read on for more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panel Cleaning

Let’s check out some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we hear when it comes to getting those solar panels squeaky clean.

What Is Solar Panel Cleaning?

Solar panel cleaning is just what it sounds like. Power to the panels is turned off, and the panels are cleared of any loose debris and dirt. Then they’re cleaned thoroughly with non-abrasive cleaning agents and tools. Finally, power is restored, and you’re back in business.

How Often Should My Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

We recommend that our customers have their panels professionally cleaned once a year. While we clean your panels, we also do a performance check. This allows us, your solar provider, to make sure your system is clean and in good shape, functioning properly, and performing at optimal levels.

Why is Snow a Good Thing for Solar Panels?

Let It Snow Snow Helps Clean Solar Panels So Don't Try To Clean It Off Solar Sam Provides Professional Solar Panel Cleaning in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Beyond

First things first, NEVER clear snow off your solar panels! Allow nature to take its course; snow will melt on its own. Brooms, shovels, and other tools used to clear snow can easily damage solar panels. Not to mention, snow is actually quite helpful—it helps to clean your panels!

Even when snow-covered, your panels are still collecting and converting solar power. And when the snow melts and slides off the panels, voila! Instant, nature-powered solar panel cleaning!

Nature does a great job, but what if your panels still need a good scrub? You may be wondering…

Should I Clean My Own Solar Panels?

The short answer to this one is no. Please do not try to clean your panels yourself!

Though solar panel cleaning sounds easy to DIY, it’s actually quite a detailed process. Panels and the high-tech components and connections that support them can be delicate. Not to mention that it is also a dangerous job with all the climbing, slip, trip, and fall hazards, and mixing of electricity and water. It’s best left to a trained professional.

I Heard That Solar Panels Clean Themselves…?

Solar panels are mostly self-cleaning. But over time, bird droppings, dust, and oil can settle on the panels, creating a layer of grime that can reduce efficiency.

Why Do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned?

Sitting outside year-round, solar panels can get grimy. Like everything else, they need to be cleaned at least annually, in order to maintain maximum efficiency. Dirty solar panels don’t catch the sun as effectively as they could if they were clean. And energy efficiency is what solar power is all about!

Will Solar Sam Come Clean My Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Cleaning in Missouri and Illinois by Solar Sam Professional Clean Panels Installation for Residential Commercial and Agricultural

Absolutely! Like it’s our job! Because…well…it is.

We will clean your panels once a year at no additional cost to you for the first three years that you own your Solar Sam system*. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get it done this spring or anytime:

  • Call us in advance at 833-RU-SOLAR (833-787-6527) or email us.
  • We’ll work with you to schedule a solar panel cleaning Again, it’s totally free for the first three years you own your system*!
  • We come out to provide you with professional solar panel cleaning.

Give Solar Sam A Call for Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Whether you’re a residential, commercial, or agricultural customer, we’re here to help power your life with green energy run by the sun and keep those panels performing at their peak for years to come!

*Solar Sam offers free annual solar panel cleanings for the first three years that you own your system when you buy from us and the panels are located within an hour of Columbia, Missouri!