If you’re interested in the solar energy market, it’s likely that you’ve heard all the buzz about the new, portable solar energy battery stations by EcoFlow. You’ve probably been thinking to yourself, what are these things? Are they even efficient? Do they work like or better than a generator? What all can they power? Well, if you’re curious to know more, you’ve come to the right place. At Solar Sam, we are the experts on all things solar energy. Not only do we provide solar energy solutions for your home, farm, or business, but we are also a specialized dealer for Ecoflow batteries. Today, we will discuss what an EcoFlow Battery is, what it does, what it is used for and whether or not it’s worth the hype.

What are EcoFlow Batteries?

Shop EcoFlow Eco Flow Portable Home House Batteries Solar Sam Solar Panels Missouri Illinois Kansas Iowa Residential Home Commercial Business Office Farm AgricultureEcoflow batteries are power stations that represent the new standard of battery-powered generators. These batteries are portable, green, and efficient sources of energy for any one, anytime, anywhere. Whether you need power up for a tailgate, stay warm for your overnight camping trip, light up your next outdoor event, or simply power your appliances when the grid goes down, Ecoflow has your back.

Known to be one of the fastest recharging portable solar battery stations on the market, Ecoflows charge at a remarkable speed of 0-80% in only an hour. Not only that, but you can charge the batteries by either plugging them into a wall, hooking them up to your car, or even powering them with solar panels. This way, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll always have access to a limitless supply of power.

What All Can an EcoFlow Battery Power?

ecoflow-river-plus-Smart-Solar-Batteries-Professional-Installation-Solar-Sam-Missouri-Kansas-Iowa-Illinois-Residential-Homes-Commercial-Businesses-Agricultural-FarmsOther than it’s remarkable charging capacity, Ecoflow batteries can also power up to 13 devices at a given time, depending on the battery type. Take the Ecoflow Delta, for example. The unit itself packs a massive 1300 Watt hours with an 1800 Watt output. That’s the same output as a standard wall outlet. The Delta also has 16 power outlets total including 4 regular USB ports, 2 60 Watt USB type-C ports, 4 international style wall outlets, and 6 American style wall outlets. This provides you with every option you’ll ever need whenever you may need it. Not only can it power everyday items, but it can even be used as an emergency backup for your electric car when it needs a charge too. A single charge from an Ecoflow Delta battery can give your car an extra 7.5 mile boost in a crisis.

Is it Like a Generator?

The answer to this question would be yes and no. Ecoflow batteries provide portable power like a generator, but they do not require gas to power them. Ecoflow batteries are clean, green, and efficient means of portable power. Unlike generators, they are also quiet by nature as well as lightweight and easy to maneuver. Essentially, Ecoflow’s portable battery technology has replaced and improved the inefficiencies of a regular gas generator.

So, Are EcoFlow Batteries Worth the Hype?

The answer to this question is all up to you and your personal preferences/energy needs. If you find yourself in a need for power on the go and you feel you’re being weighed down by the extra expense of gas for your generator, then these batteries may be in your best interest. Customers that we have found to get the maximum usage out of their batteries would be the folks who enjoy camping, hosting events, have electric cars, enjoy tailgating, host a booth or food truck at fairs, or have any use of powering their equipment outside of the grid. There are many different ways to use an Ecoflow battery, and Ecoflow’s portable battery line comes with many different models and electrical output settings.

Don’t take our word for it, however. Check out this review by an Ecoflow customer named Michael:

“I received my Ecoflow very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the unit. The operation manual was easy to read. I charged it up in a little over an hour. That was amazing fast. I tested it on my travel trailer and was very pleased with the amount of time that it would run the lights and fan for the central heat. I tested it on my CPAP machine and was also amazed at how long it would run. I am completely satisfied with the unit and will recommend it to family and friends that are trying to make up their minds on which solar generator to choose out there on the market. Thank you for a great product.”

If you’re considering an Ecoflow battery purchase for you, your family, or friends, we recommend that you check out our EcoFlow site at https://www.solarsam.com/shop/ to browse around the various makes and models that we have to offer. At Solar Sam, we are an authorized Ecoflow battery dealer in the state of Missouri. If you need any assistance to see which battery pack is right for you, give us a shout! Our company also specializes in all things solar, so if you or someone you know is in need of a solar quote for a home, farm, or business, our Solar Sam staff is here and ready to assist you with any of your energy needs!