One of the biggest buzz words flying around in the world of solar panels and solar power is “net metering”.Net Metering for Solar Panels Saves You Money Professionally Installed by Solar Sam in Missouri and Illinois

You’ll often hear the term used when people are talking about how going solar saves, or even makes you money. But what is net metering, really, and how does it work? Is net metering for solar panels available for Missouri solar and Illinois solar?

At Solar Sam, we pride ourselves on finding the answers for you when it comes to all things solar.  Net metering keeps coming up—it’s a hot topic right now—so, let’s break it down.

What is Net Metering?

Essentially, net metering is a great incentive for solar power. It helps you save money on your monthly bills, and even makes you money in the long run.

How does it work? Your local utility company would purchase excess solar electricity that your solar panels generate (above what you need personally). They pay or credit you at full price based on local electricity rates.

Simply put, when your solar panels produce more power than your home, farm, or business needs, the excess is sent back to the power grid. The utility company would then pay you for the excess electricity that’s feeding back into the grid to service others. This often happens in the form of bill credits.

How Does Net Metering for Solar Panels Save You Money?

We’ve talked about how going solar saves you money. With net metering for solar panels, you earn those bill credits that save you money on monthly power bills.

Here’s a quick example of how that works. In the sunny summer months, your solar array could generate more power (and earn you more net metering credits) than in the grey winter months. Your panels could generate and send enough excess power back to the grid in the summertime to earn ample credits to offset higher winter bills.

In the long run, your monthly electricity bill could be $0!

Another way that net metering saves money is the fact that you won’t need a solar battery to go along with your solar energy system. Net metering and the bi-directional meter required will take care of your power needs even when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity. Without net metering, you will need a solar battery to accomplish this.

Is Net Metering Available in Missouri and Illinois?Net Metering is Available in Missouri and Illinois with Solar Panels Professionally Installed by Solar Sam

Yes, net metering is available in Missouri and Illinois! For more details on local net metering policies and the latest information regarding Missouri solar and Illinois solar, check out the following websites:

Learn more about Missouri net metering here and here.

And find more on Illinois net metering here and here.

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