Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the demand for solar has risen like crazy over the past year.Energy Crisis Causes Increased Demand for Solar Energy Solutions Even During a Global Pandemic

The recent energy crisis in Texas spark major debates about renewable energy. It also prompted massive spikes in demand!

Solar, wind, and other renewables are incredibly popular right now…Americans have decided that putting all their eggs in the big utility companies’ baskets may not be the best bet for the future.

Now, we’re not saying that the power grid is unreliable. Don’t get us wrong…we’re just saying that demand for alternative sources of power is rising like never before.

Demand is Up: Is It Time for You to Go Solar, Too?

If you were ever considering buying solar panels and a solid solar energy system, now may be the time!

We’ll warn you though, other people have had the same idea, so you may find that certain products (like solar batteries) are on back order or experiencing shipping delays. We’re currently experiencing a 5+ month backlog for some solar energy products!

The word is out, and many Americans agree. Solar energy is an energy solution for the future. You might want to go ahead on get on the list.

Plus, there’s an incredible federal solar tax credit right now!

Solar Helps You Diversify Your Energy Solutions

You’ve heard of diversifying your stock portfolio…what about diversifying your power sources? Check out this article to read more on why that might be a good idea.

The number of installations for renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, has increased by over 60% in just the last year. That many of your fellow Americans can’t be wrong!Solar Installations Have Soared During the Past Year! Contact Solar Sam for Professional Solar Panel Installation in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, and Beyond.

Solar Sam: One of the Midwest’s Fastest Growing Solar Providers and Installers

How can we help you?

If you’re even thinking about going solar, give Solar Sam a call at 833-RU-SOLAR (833-787-6527) or email us now to get ahead of the demand spikes.

Whether you’re a residential, commercial, or agricultural customer, we’re here to help power your life with green energy run by the sun.

Solar Sam even offers free annual solar panel cleanings for the first three years that you own your system when you buy from us and the panels are located within an hour of our home base in Columbia, Missouri!