After recently moving into their new home up in Gladstone, MO, the Karrs knew that they wanted to do something more to increase the value of their home. After looking into solar energy solutions, the Karrs were intrigued by the resale value that a potential solar array could add to their home. The couple also found that in addition to increasing their home’s value, a solar array could lower their electricity bills as well. After we discussed their overall goals and expectations, the Solar Sam team was able to help the Karrs develop a system that would meet and exceed their exact energy wants and needs.


19 Panels:
This array of solar panels will provide the residential home with clean, green electricity that they get to own for themselves. This particular number of panels will enable the Karrs to lower their dependence on the electrical grid, and decrease their monthly power costs.

Silfab Panels:
The panels chosen for this residential home are the highly efficient, premium Mono-Perc PV panels designed by Silfab.Silfab panels are engineered exclusively for North American homeowners. The brand uses 9-busbar technology to maximize energy collection and conversion, and their high-efficiency, half-cell design improves performance and durability. On top of the performance, the solar panel’s all-black design will leave the Karr’s home looking clean and elegant.

The inverter chosen for this project was the 6000h SolarEdge Inverter. The SolarEdge PV inverter combines sophisticated digital technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and the best-in-class reliability.

Roof-Mount System:
This particular project called for a roof-mount solar system. Roof-mount solar systems are the most common, and they are ideal for customers who have southern-facing roofs and a limited amount of land to install a ground-mount system. In this particular install, the Karr’s system went on the back of their roof. The system is only visible to them and their backyard neighbors, leaving it open to the sun and out of sight to the rest of the neighborhood.

Install Location:
This solar installation took place in Gladstone, Missouri. Solar Sam services all over the state of Missouri and Illinois. Our services include installations for residential, commercial, and agricultural solar systems.